Grade 7 Fun Reading Arithmetic


I wonder why I feel so sick the day we have arithmetic. It’s really strange, for as a rule I quite enjoy myself at school…
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Grade 1 Fun Reading – Crayons


Crayons first came in 1644 from France. It means that crayons are nearly 400 years old. Let’s read this beautiful poem ‘Crayons’ by Dee Lillegard.
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Grade 2 Fun Reading – Elephant’s Tears

Grade 2 Fun Reading - Elephant’s TearsGenre/Topic:

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Grade 2 Fun Reading – Eletelephony


Have you heard of an elephant talking on the telephone? How about a telephant talking on the elephone? Let’s read eletelephony!
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Grade 9 Fun Reading – Spell Cheque


Pleese cheque you’re speelling miss takes…
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Grade 5 Fun Reading After The Party


After the Party by William Wise
This is what happened when Jonathan Blake ate too much cake at a party…
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