Grade 4 Reading Lesson 25 Horror – The Mirror

Grade 4 Reading Lesson 25 Horror - The MirrorGenre/Topic:

One night, I went downstairs to the kitchen because I was feeling thirsty. There were no lights, and as I was drinking water, I saw two green eyes glow in the dark. They were coming towards me, slowly. I screamed in fear and dropped the bottle. But all I was heard was “Meow!” Thank God it was just our pet cat, Kitty and not a ghost.
What about this story? Does it have a ghost?

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Grade 6 Reading Lesson 25 Horror – The Hook

Grade 6 Reading Lesson 25 Horror - The HookGenre/Topic:

Micheal Rosen is good at narrating horror stories. Trust me. Although I am not a coward, this story sent chills down my back as it ended. So be prepared to be left in disbelief, and shock and scare. ‘The Hook’ is good at doing that.

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